The Business Support Fund


Onas Consult will own a stake of the business when this option is chosen. This will mean effective management will be provided to ensure business profitability, continuity and sustainability. 


Under the debt option of the support fund, Onas Consult will provide financial assistance to businesses at a moderate interest rate. We seek to provide mid to long term facilities with regular interest payment so to allow the effective utilization of the funds.


SME and Startup growth is at the heart of our operations and existence. We provide administrative and management support bringing about the growth prospects as anticipated. We strive to make your firm a productive and profitable one.

The Onas Consult Business Support Fund is a philanthropic, equity and debt investment vehicle designed to support startups and small businesses in improving their business operations and building capacity to grow and scale up. The Fund in partnership with other sponsors is able to provide capital support for ideas, Startups and SMEs with a minimum starting amount of GHc5000.00


To provide capital (debt/equity) support for Start-ups and SME’s.
To provide funding opportunities for organizational management and staff training.
To help equip Start-ups and SME’s in their effort to grow and scale up.


A comprehensive business proposal or
investor pitch Deck.



It is with great honor and privilege to have all of you for the launch of the Onas Consult Business Support Fund. There could not be any better time as this to launch a Business Support Fund. A time when unemployment rate is on the high. A time when youths are desperate and losing hope in their leaders just because there isn’t work for them to do and therefore wasting away. A time when Africa has become a single market with about 1.3 billion people with an estimated GDP of about 4.1 trillion. The Onas Consult Business Support Fund is an investment vehicle with a combination of both Debt and Equity instrument to support the youth, start-ups and SMEs in their quest to expand business operations, realize dreams and to create employment for the thousands of unemployed youths and graduates. The fund run by Onas Consult and other benevolent sponsors and investors has the objectives of a) providing capital (debt & equity) support for Start-ups and SMEs b) providing funding opportunities for organizational management and staff training c) helping to equip Start-ups and SMEs in their quest and effort to grow and to scale up. We are by this launch inviting all well-meaning investors (both private individuals and institutions) to come out to join this endeavor. We are also by this launch inviting the general business community to take advantage of such a fund and gesture to apply and get funded for expansions into new products, services, technology, and importantly business operations.

Thank You.

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