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Business Consulting

Onas Consult walks you and your team through the different phases of your business until success is achieved. Our team of experts are ready to consult with your to improve organisational and individual performance.

Website Development

Onas Consult will design and develop your business/ company website at a very affordable price. We understand what it takes to start a business and therefore ready to walk the mile with you.

Startups & SME Funding

Onas Consult provides funding opportunities for Startups and SMEs needing financial and management support to grow. We see you through the different phases of your business helping you to achieve your financial goals and objectives. Read more on the Business Support Fund.

Digital Marketing

We are committed to creating successful digital strategies for our clients in a way that adds tangible commercial results thereby providing a complete and unique marketing experience. We deliver this result on the back of our highly skilled online marketing professionals.

Outsourced Marketing

We provide you with a strong and highly skilled team should you ever need to market any of your products or services in person. We help to deliver your content (message)/ product and service just as you want and expect bringing you value for money.

Business Analysis

Having a firm understanding of your business operations and projections is a prerequisite for business success. Our team of experienced business analysts are ready to help you look into your business operations from readily available data and information to help you to see clearly what is in the loop.

Administrative Support

We assist you with all the administrative setup needed from logo design to filing and all the official documentations needed for a smooth sailing of your business operations

Customer Service & Branding

At Onas Consult, customer service is the bedrock of our operations. We make sure our clients and customers take the centre stage of our decision-making process. We offer customer service training packages to clients in order to provide timely and upbeat services to their clients.


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